Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rambling Post (4)

Till the military coup of 1958, Britain had great domination over Iraq policy. After the coup, Iraq was going through a critical period in its history. The communists became very active in Iraq. And because of the cold war, which was at its peak, it seems that great competition was taking place, to have power over Iraq, between East & West. Finally, West won the competition on the 8th of February 1963. A bunch of baathists & Arab nationalists managed to seize power through a military coup.

The general secretary of the baath party at that time, Ali Salih As'sadee, said literally in a famous statement 'We came to power on an American train', as a figurative reference. The later events showed that Iraq, since that time till today, became part of the region dominated by the US policy.

After the 8th February coup, Saddam returned to Iraq and worked in the agricultural bureau of the baath party. Though it was a short period of baathists ruling ended on the 18th of November, but it revealed a lot of the baathists' brutality. During those ten months of seizing power Iraq went deeper into (no-law state) which had begun mainly on the 14th of July 1958.

Most of the baath leaders were rash young men (less than 30 years old). They were very obsessed by the Arab nationalism ideologies. On the other hand, technically speaking, they were totally ignorant about politics. Generally speaking, political traditions have not existed in Iraq. According to the Iraqi way of thinking, influenced by the Bedouin culture, a politician behaves as a sheikh (leader) of a tribe. Anyone who may oppose his point of view is an enemy deserves death.

After the last US presidential elections, it is amazing to see Mr. Kerry visits Syria and speaks on behalf of Mr. Bush. Debates, like the ones took place between them before the elections, may cause great enmity between Iraqi politicians. It is the legacy of (unfair competition) from Bedouin culture.

Back again to 1963, the baathists brutally chased their rivals especially the communists. Unlawful jailing, torturing & executing spread all over Iraq. The conflict reached the leaders of the baath party. In the final weeks, two leading leagues appeared and they clashed against each.

Finally, the president ordered the army to end the turmoil. President Abdul Salaam Arif was used by the baathists as a face for their coup of February. The man was a friend & the main partner with Abdul Kareem Kasim, the prime minister who had been killed brutally in the coup, in implementing the coup of 1958 and later his rival.

One of Saddam's kin, Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakir, became the prime minister after the coup of February. Saddam bet on the man. He started to use Al-Bakir, later, as a face while he took the dirty secret work on his shoulders.

To be continued…


Blogger DagneyT said...

"After the last US presidential elections, it is amazing to see Mr. Kerry visits Syria and speaks on behalf of Mr. Bush."

That is so far from the truth as to be laughable. Mr. Kerry did NOT speack for President Bush, had no State Dept. sanction for his visit, and in fact spoke AGAINST President Bush at every opportunity! They went to the same college, belonged to the same club at that college, but that is ALL they have in common. President Bush is a man of his word.

Senator Kerry has never kept his word at anything, and his lied to keep his position repeatedly. Don't believe a word he says, because tomorrow he'll say just the opposite.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Louise said...

Keep 'em coming Ibn Alrafidain. You've left us with a cliff-hanger here.

8:08 PM  

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