Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Media Fabrications

Arafat is a remarkable man. His death was useful for the current events in Iraq. It drew the Arabic media attention away from what’s happening in Fallujah. This media pours oil on the fire by spreading lot of fabricated news. Aljazeera satellite channel is one of these which has great role in increasing the Iraqis sufferings. As an example of that is the news which Aljazeera showed on the news bar, few days ago, about fierce fighting claiming that it had happened in my district in Baghdad. I did not read the news; I try to avoid watching Aljazeera since it causes lot of annoyance to me. A series of phone calls (which had just been repaired) to our house and the neighbors from relatives and friends in other districts, cities, abroad asking about our safety, drew our attention to the news. On ground nothing had happened of what Aljazeera said.
Another story, the chief editor of an Arabic newspaper located in London, widely read in Arab world, recounted an incident which happened to him with one of the editors in the newspaper. He said that a picture, shows an American soldier speaking to an Iraqi girl, was to be published with an article. A comment which says (An American soldier instructing an Iraqi girl) was to be under the picture. What happened, the junior editor changed it to (An American soldier hitting on an Iraqi girl). Such comment stimulates a very conservative religious society as the one in Iraq.
Now, what happened yesterday of showing an American soldier shooting an injured man in Fallujah will be the tambourine on which Aljazeera and Arabic media will play on for a long time.
The crimes of breaking into hospitals, snatching injured Iraqi policemen and soldiers, cutting them into pieces by the insurgents are not criticized by Aljazeera. I am not justifying the American soldier conduct but people should be objective.
Observing carefully the American performance in enforcing law shows the difference between them and us. Mistakes or crimes happen in any society but, in the US, they never stop pursuing the wrongdoer. It is an outcome of freedom. On the other hand we are ready to overlook lot of crimes that happen in Iraq.
The crimes committed by Saddam’s closest assistants against the Iraqi people, many are filmed, had never been spoken about. No one dared to raise a voice to demand a trail because of fear. And the same fear is used nowadays by the insurgents to keep mouths shut.
A society which can not enforce law should admit it and ask for help. I can say that the silenced Iraqi majority needs who can help to develop a better society.
I hope that the Americans would help the Iraqis to, at least, touch the concept of democracy. The transparency in dealing with what happened in Iraqi prisons was marvelous. It is a very dynamic system which looks always forward to achieve better life. And I believe that freedom, democracy and justice made the great American nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're getting a twisted focus on current events in Iraq as well - all the media focusing on the Marine who wrongly killed the injured insurgent but very little comment about the discovery of the foreign aid worker, who was only in the country to help and was against the sanctions and the war. You're right, there needs to be some objectivity.

Sometimes I find always seeking to achieve a better life EXHAUSTING. The end of your post shows great resolve and if the Iraqi people can draw on that, only good will come of it.

3:55 AM  
Blogger WC said...

Well said! Success can feed upon success .... or failure can feed upon failure. If the rule of law ever gets a real grip in Iraq (it is a thing that has to be constantly sought after and fought for in the USA as well ... even after generations of stability)it will grow and overwhelm forces of chaos and avarice. You are right, my friend, about something else. Civilisations that are growing are getting better ... but perfection is unattainable this side of heaven. There is always room to improve.

May God richly bless you and your country.
WC in Texas.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad I found your blog. I was reading the Iraqi forum where so many seem to hate us (Americans), but I could understand some of them because anyone with a heart does not want war. Since 1990 (and I started learning about the awful things Saddam Hussein did) I have had a soft spot in my heart for the Iraqi people and have hoped and prayed for freedom and peace for you. I just wish it could have come to you peacefully, but I don't think that could have ever happened with S.H. in power, so that leaves me to just keep praying peace will come to you soon.

I know what you mean about avoiding the news... Aljazeera. I find myself screaming at the mass media, you would think in the year 2004 they could do so much better. They also seem to have forgotten the internet and other means people now have of checking on the validity of their reports. (Which makes it a responsibility for us that have access to that information to tell others, just as you have done.) They all, both western mass media and Aljazeera, seem to have their own agenda. The head of one western news source admitted that the news was being slanted to keep their reporters "safe". They don't get it. Their reporters are only safe as long as they are mouth pieces for terror, which only hurts Iraqi's. And they help make the rest of the world hate all Americans.

Thank you for making the comment about the making of the great American Nation. Your words made me cry (happy tears!) I have grieved every time a soldier has done something awful or wrong because I know that most of them really want to help. I have written to soldiers and one told me "the Iraqi people are just plain wonderful!" Whatever the justification our government used for war, most of our hearts are still wanting to help freedom along.

I hope the day will come soon that our countries can be very close and learn from each other. I would like to learn more about your culture and history (and even food!)

Thanks for continuing to write!
I will be thinking of you and hoping you are safe.
Annie from Indiana USA

4:26 AM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon said...

It seems the war in Iraq will be won between the ears of every citizen. May Q-tips be plentiful!!

7:37 AM  
Blogger DagneyT said...

Your wisdom is extraordinary, my friend. It is the same here in America. One must discern what is truth, and it is sometimes quite difficult. Now that we have the internet, however, the truth is out there for anyone caring to seek it.

In America, we are accustomed to freedom, and it is sometimes difficult for us to remember that you are just becoming familiar with it. If we have people breaking into our homes, we rise up against them. We do not always understand why more of your people are giving in to these kidnappings for ransom. It only encourages more of it. Resisting the outsiders is the fastest and most effective way to rid yourselves of them.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

I often have the same problem with our Media. I learned to turn it off. I found other ways to find out what is going on. One was simply faith. I have faith that the average person believes in Liberty as a universal right, and not as specific to European culture. I had faith the American people would make the right decision on Election Day. I have faith in the Iraqi people's ability to succeed in the face of adversity presented in the Media. I have faith in Democratic Justice that will look into the Marine situation. I had faith we would deal with the prison scandal at Abu Ghraib. I have faith in Democracy, and I will do whatever it takes to win over the minds of those that would oppose Democracy outside of Europe and America. I have faith you and others will continue to champion a Free Society. Keep up the good insights.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Mark Bahner said...


I don't understand Al Jazeera. What do you think they want in Iraq?


2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayamkum Sa’eida from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Son of Two Rivers. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. It seems an all to common human way to understand the world is to divide it up into 'us' and 'them' and then to look only at the evidence that reinforces the preconception that 'they' are 'savage' and 'we' are 'good.' I suppose that's why we hear a lot about beheadings and Al Jazeera runs the tape of that terrible mosque shooting over and over. Then each side can point a finger and say, "oh, look at what cruel and horrible killers they are. We, by contrast, are moral exemplars."

I'm too old or cynical now to believe that only other people ("they") are capable of bad things. I was against this war, and I used to just hope that the US would wise up and leave but quick. After reading a number of Iraqi blogs, I am no less against the war in principle but I am no longer sure about just leaving. Regardless of what the (dubious) motives were for the Bush administration to start this war, at this point Americans have a duty to make it right. How to make it right, I wish I knew.

In the meantime, please keep blogging. I will keep reading.

8:51 AM  

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