Sunday, March 06, 2005

Kill, No One Punished

Giuliana Sgrena (the Italian journalist) was shot by American soldiers. The poor lady managed to escape being killed by the kidnappers, but she couldn't avoid the Americans. Anyhow, it may draw attention to dangerous conduct of the Americans which became part of our everyday life.

Last week, an uncle of one of my friends was about to be killed by an American soldier. The man is in his sixties and owns a poultry farm at the countryside nearby Baghdad. He was driving his car back home when the American soldier fired at him three shots. His story about the incident says "First I did not see the American patrol, but at the moment the soldier pointed his gun at me, I braked hard and the car, thank God, swerved which caused the bullets to miss me. I jumped immediately out of the car raising my hands up to show that I was clean".

In November or October (I don't recall) 2003, I witnessed a similar incident but without shots. I had just left a friend house, at night, and at the moment I was around the corner, an American soldier was lit by the headlight. He was standing in the middle of the completely dark street pointing his gun at me. I stopped immediately but I did not know what to do. The soldier might shoot me for no reason. Since then I stopped using my car and changed to the public transportation. I try not to leave home at night.

Iraq became a hunting ground for the American soldiers since they are protected against any kind of legal pursuance. Iraqis are killed, nowadays, in a non-organized way. Till the 9th April 2003, Saddam organized the massacre under his control and the Iraqis were killed through rhythmical events. Americans, suicidal bombers, saddamists, baathists, Arabs, ordinary criminals…etc kill Iraqis chaotically. Iraqis are used as a cushion by several sides against each other.

I can assure you that the Iraqis made the greatest number of final sacrifice in this region during the last fifty years. Still, they gained nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

American soldiers are not subject to Iraqi criminal proceedings. This is absolutely true. They are, however, subject to US military justice system. There have been dozens of prosecutions for war crimes committed by US soldiers now.
... Here is a tip to you: Your new government needs to sign a "Status of Forces Agreement" (SOFA) with the United States. Your negotiating power in this agreement will depend on how badly you need the US military to retain your democratic government. ... You may be able to negotiate an agreement where US soldiers are tried under Iraqi criminal law. The Japanese have such an agreement in Okinawa, for example.
... In any case, incidents like the one you experienced are all the more reason for Iraqis to continue to work to provide for their own security.
... I do not know of a single American who wants to "control" the lives of Iraqis. To most Americans, the though of slavery or controlling another person is not enjoyable at all. We value liberty and freedom and want it for everyone. ... The sooner we can leave the policing/internal security of Iraq to your the Iraqis the better off we all are.

7:34 PM  
Blogger stefania said...


Sgrena was a friend of the Terrorists, That means a friend of those who kill innocent iraqis everyday.

Too bad that she is still alive

9:07 PM  
Blogger stefania said...

Ibn, would you be happy if we let you in the hands of Zarqawi?

I think you are committing a big mistake comparing the Americans to the head-choppers a la Zarqawi.

You should know more than me that the majority of the Iraqi victims have been killed by the terrorists.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous nick said...

The issue in each case is whether it was reasonable for the soldiers to believe that the driver was a threat. These incidents appear to occur in areas where terrorist attacks are frequent. Always the victims say they didn't see the checkpoint. If the checkpoint is not clearly visible especially at night, then the military is at fault.

By the way, I've read about these incidents also occuring when Iraqi soldiers are controlling the checkpoints.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

4 dead IP. same situation, differnt outcome.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

4 dead IP. same situation, differnt outcome.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If car bombs weren't being used daily by the terrorists to kill Iraqis and Americans at crowded squares and check points all over Iraq, maybe American and Iraqi troops wouldn't be using deadly force on vehicles that for whatever unknown reasons were failing to stop as ordered.

You stopped as ordered and you're still alive. So maybe the best thing the Iraqi people can do right now is to be paying strict attention while driving and obey all orders of the Iraqi or any coalition troops when approaching check points.

And when any of our soldiers commit any criminal acts against Iraqis or Americans, they should be prosecuted for their crimes.

8:04 AM  
Blogger betsy said...

Ibn .. I would have to disagree with your statement: "Iraq became a hunting ground for the American soldiers since they are protected against any kind of legal pursuance." It reads as if you are saying you believe that Americans are hunting innocent Iraqis, which is not true; and that the soldiers are not subject to any type of legal proceeding in a criminal act, which they certainly are. There are trials going on every day. To compare the soldiers to the terrorists is not only outrageous but insulting to the lives we are giving for your prople. You are right, if you kill someone, dead is dead. But we do not kill innocents intentionally - the terrorists do .. not only kill, but behead .. Iraqi men, women and children, everywhere anywhere, Muslim and Christian, more and more every day. If you truly believe America came to Iraq to do these things to your people, boy are you wrong. And we definitely should withdraw, leaving you to deal only with the terrorists, I guess. We thought we were coming to rid you of Saddam and help rebuild your country so your people could get on with their lives in freedom. Hmm. It is also my understanding that anyone in Iraq knows by now to slow down for a checkpoint, not speed up. The lady journalist is an avid anti-American and a well-known communist. Do you think there's a little "spin" going on there?

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you of all people should be angry of the innocent killings occuring in Irag I can understand why your upset innocent people should not be killed. My question is why do you get so upset over accidents by american soldiers who have no choice but to try to protect themselves and other "Iraqi" citizens by shooting at cars that don't stop when ordered. But you say nothing of the thousands of Iraqi's who have been intentionally killed by the coward insurgents this makes no sense at all, you only say these things because you hate Americans , If you people would just listen to yourselves you make no sense to fight a country that is simply trying to help you .

7:55 AM  

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