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It was the 1980s, during the Iraqi-Iranian war; a father killed his own son claiming that he was a draft dodger. The crime shocked the Iraqi society. On the other hand Saddam praised the father's conduct and awarded him a medal. Saddam's regime encouraged people, through many wicked methods, to report secretly their family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances…etc to the secret police, baathists, intelligence services and so forth. As a 'secret organization' government, Saddam's regime worked hard to change the Iraqis into informants. It resulted in lot of suspicion between members of the community. People did not find it easy to trust each other. Such policy created a climate of mistrust and fear. Only Saddam & his henchmen were authentic (sarcastic).

Few months ago I was in a minibus (public transportation). The traffic was totally stopped because a group of soldiers were dismantling a roadside bomb. The commuters started to chat, through which I discovered that one of the passengers was an Arab student from Yemen. Frankly, I was frightened, since the suicide bombers are mainly Arabs and I couldn't stop thinking that he was probably wearing a coat filled with explosives. Moreover, I started to imagine him blowing the bomb. So I jumped out of the minibus and completed my way on foot. Here in Baghdad, walking in the street means to keep on looking at every car as a bomb which is going to blow up and kill you. I believe that illusions of the kind above were the main reason for shooting
Jean Charles de Menezes. Once again it is mistrust & fear.

Mistrust & Fear is the preferable method, for the terrorists, to debilitate the community civilized relations. I believe what the terrorists trying to do is to make the Muslim communities feel alienated in their own western countries, in which they were born and bred. A
special report in the Guardian spotlights some of the issues that may participate in alienating Muslims:
'There are bigots out there who are reading some media reports and deciding to take the law into their own hands,' he said (Tahir Butt of the MSF). 'The message from everyone is zero tolerance, but we need action. We need to hear about people being arrested for these attacks on Muslims who are threefold victims. They are targets of terrorists, targets of the Islamophobic backlash and they will be targets of anti-terror legislation.'
As for being targets of terrorists, some of the 7/7 blasts victims are Muslims (Behnaz Mokakka, Slimane Ihab, and Shahara Islam). And what kind of targets of Islamphobic backlash they would be:
Amar Singh, editor of the Eastern Eye newspaper, said Muslim communities were on tenterhooks. 'There is genuine fear. At worst it is assault and abuse, at best it is strange looks or people moving away from you on the train. After 11 September we looked at Americans and thought they were so ignorant ... They didn't know the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh. I can't believe parts of Britain are just as bad. Just as
Shahid Malik is MP for Dewsbury wrote in the Observer:
"There is a feeling of alienation, often isolation; a feeling that somehow you don't belong;"

His point of view is:
"Those of us in leadership roles must make it clear to our young people that in a democracy the way we express such feelings is by debate and through democratic institutions, not through violence. We must drag them into the political mainstream."
"We must confront head-on those few who preach violence and hatred in the name of Islam and, in doing so, poison the minds of vulnerable young men."

This is a critical issue. But they are not 'few' since they are spawning in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and even in Iraq which became the newest nest for teaching & training terrorists. The difference between British Muslims and those of the Islamic countries is that the British have much more acts of bravery to stand against extremists as Mr. Malik says:
"We will no longer pretend not to see or hear the fanatical few who stand outside our mosques, polluting young minds. The events of 7 July have changed that. The choices are stark yet clear - we either confront the enemy within, or are seen to condone."

Still, there is some fear for the future:
A Leeds city council member, Mohammed Iqbal, told worshipers at the Kashmir Muslim Welfare Association, also known as the Hardy street mosque, in Leeds. "It should be clear to us all that these kinds of events are a threat to our freedom."

This young man expresses what he and people who look like him may undergo:

But Nakib Islam, 19, a Muslim high school student who was speaking after a bomb alert at an East London mosque turned out to have been a hoax, said, "I am afraid of a stronger backlash" against Muslims."

"We all have to use the Tube and people who look like me all became suspicious," he said. "I even don't wear my rucksack anymore when I use the Tube because of that."

I believe that British people should stand by the British Muslim community to protect them from the extremists to prevail as one can sense from the words of this man:

"We can only stop all this when we are able to find the people who brainwashed the kids," said Abu Mumin, a worshiper at the mosque, who would not disclose his last name for fear of reprisal. He said the community was working diligently to cooperate with the police, and the latest incidents were likely to increase that cooperation. But ultimately, the road ahead may be difficult."

Finally, someone put it as follows:
"It's clear, everybody's worried and stunned," he said."This is a continuing attempt at endangering democracy and our freedom. We are part of this society, and what damages it, damages us."

It is one of the terrorists' goals to damage the society, or as I said above to debilitate the ties between the members of community. Weak ties help the terrorists in recruiting more persons to work with them. Here in Iraq, terrorists (consisting mainly of the saddamists) work hard toward this goal, so they try to alienate the Sunnis community.


Blogger Pebble said...

It just drives me nuts, that things, such as you list in the most excellent post are not on every news channel worldwide.
Wake up Sleepers!

3:33 AM  
Blogger Ahmad said...

Ibn AlRafidain,

I remember the father who killed his son, I remember him sitting with Saddam (they showed it on TV), I remember Saddam praising him and giving him a medal, and I remember Saddam offering him free medical treatment in Europe.

HOWEVER, the we weren't told is that the father did not kill his son because his son was a draft dodger; the father killed his son because he was sexually attracted to his son's wife (his daughter in law), he attacked her, his son fought his father and the father killed him.

Saddam rewarded a sick pervert!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Pebble said...

Just had to come back and re-read this...
I feel helpless... I want to snap my fingers and make it all O.K.

Good Beautiful Sunday Morning To You!

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Blogger Pebble said...

"Chuckle Chuckle*

I started at MSN Spaces, ya don't need much HTML knowledge... Then I learned a teeny tiny bit of HTML, so transfered to blogspot...
So at present I'm both... It will take a long, long time to get all my links up on blogspot. My mom just moved in w/me, she is completely dependant, so is taking most of my time. But I already feel like I'm outgrowing MSN Spaces.

My turn to ask a question, where are you blogging from?

And he he he... Casper was my favorite cartoon...

Casper the friendly ghost
the friendiest ghost you la la la

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Blogger La Bona said...

In the name of justice, I am obliged to help to disseminate story of a religious persecution ... My apologies for irrelevance.

Breaking News!
Barbaric persecution of an apostate …

The Malaysian authorities are persecuting an ex-Muslim fondly known as Ayah Pin and flattened his religious commune dubbed as Sky Kingdom, which is a quasi-religious commune located in north east Malaysian.

Once Muslim, Forever Slave!
Ayah Pin has publicly renounced his Islamic faith in 1998 but was REJECTED by the state (NB: Apostasy is a capital crime is Malaysia punishable by DEATH!)

The Persecution
In 2001, the Malaysian authorities jailed Ayah Pin for 11 months for attempting to renounce Islam. He is viewed as a security threat and they continue to harass him with all sorts of uncivilized threats befitting the low-life including smashing up the lovely giant teapot and flattening the commune, which they just did yesterday!

Prior to the destruction yesterday, the authorities raided the commune in July, 2005 and detained 45 faithful including a Kiwi, senior citizens and among others, 3 children of Ayah Pin and his 3 wives. I read somewhere; there are kids left behind unattended in commune and while some faithful have to pawn all they have to bail themselves out, the rest are still in custody.

Their crime: Being unIslamic!

As if the arrest was not good enough, mobs made up of some 35 unidentified assailants armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the commune and set the place ablaze …. Assailants attack Ayah Pin's commune with Molotov cocktails! ... I supposed mobs and Molotov cocktails are Islamic.

If you have a comment, please do not hesitate to email me at Alternately, you are welcome to do so at the forum (

10:10 PM  
Blogger notebook said...

Citizens for Fair Legislation
For Immediate Release
August 3, 2005

*Please take a moment to write to your representatives and ask them to
speak out against the illegal detention of children in Iraq and
Palestine. Reports on the abuse at Abu Ghraib indicate that the
Pentagon has proof (photographs and video) that detained Iraqi
children are being sodomized and raped by American soldiers. In
Israel, Palestinian children are also being held indiscriminately and
illegally in violation of international law and human rights law.
Reports by Israeli human rights organizations indicate that like Iraqi
children, Palestinian child detainees are regularly tortured and not
allowed visits by either the Red Cross or their parents.

* In a report written last year called, 'Stolen Youth: The Politics of
Israel's Detention of Palestinian Children' the authors interviewed a
teenager who gave the following description of his treatment by the
Israeli military: "Three more people in masks came into the room.
They blindfolded me, put a hood over my head... they kicked and
slapped me. They beat me with a plastic pipe and whatever they could
get their hands on. I couldn't see anything because I was blindfolded.
I just felt the blows. That lasted ten to fifteen minutes... Later
they stood me on a chair and told me to grab a pipe that was fixed to
the wall. They removed the chair from under me and left me hanging in
the air, with my handcuffed hands holding onto the pipe and the weight
of my body, hanging in the air, drawing my hands downwards. They left
the room." - Ismail Sabatin, 17 years old. Palestinian children being
held by the Israeli military range between the ages of 9-17 years old,
many of these children are being held without charges, others have
been held for months for merely throwing stones at Israeli tanks.
Tell your representatives that because we give $12 billion dollars in
American welfare to Israel a year that we have a moral obligation to
demand that the Israelis end this despicable treatment of Palestinian

*Treatment of Iraqi children under the U.S. occupation forces is no
better. Last week the Pentagon blocked the release of pictures of
Iraqi children being raped and sodomized by American soldiers as
publication of those pictures would have been a public relations
disaster of the U.S. In an expose done by the Sunday Herald late last
year a child witness of the abuse at Abu Ghraib gave a statement to
investigators saying that he witnessed the rape of a boy who was 15
years old: "The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the
doors with sheets. Then, when I heard the screaming I climbed the
door … and I saw [the soldier's name is deleted] who was wearing a
military uniform." The witness then described in graphic details how
he witnessed that soldier rape "the little kid".

*The abuse of children by the United States and by the U.S.'s
staunchest ally in the Middle East is unacceptable; it's time that we
held our government accountable for the blatant violations of human
rights occurring in Iraq and Palestine. Tell your representatives
that you feel that the illegal detention of Palestinian and Iraqi
children is deplorable and that as your elected officials you expect
them to speak out against the cruel treatment of children. Remind
your elected officials that none of these actions in Iraq or Palestine
could occur without the tacit approval of the U.S. government.

WHITE HOUSE FAX: 202-456-2461
Citizens for Fair Legislation is a grassroots organization committed
to encouraging a fair domestic and foreign policy with an emphasis on
the US/Arab world.

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