Thursday, May 12, 2005

Another Lesson

My phone line is still out of order. The whole phones in the district are out of order since 11th March. And for that I do not interact with my blog regularly. Generally speaking, there wasn't any tangible development deal with the infrastructure within the past two years.

Another lesson comes from Britain. A demonstration of genuine democracy. It is a result of long history of struggle. Thousands of British people gave their lives to achieve this level of democracy. Democracy in such society is deep-rooted and it is an essential feature of its culture.

This leads me to several questions:

-Are we ready, the Iraqis, to accept & integrate democracy into our culture?
-Could it be possible to burn stages of social & political development?
-And, would it result in stable society or state?

The Iraqis could not look after the state which the British established for them in 1921. They ate it away so the Americans had nothing to do but blowing out the rotten state. It has been dismantled so easily in 2003. It seems that something, maybe many things, is wrong with our collective conscious.


Blogger Barrett said...

these are tough questions.
I hope and pray that the Iraqis will see the freedom that democracy has to offer them and not feel it is a system of government only meant for the West.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

Ibn Al Rafidain, in the 1920s there were many fewer democracies in the world that their are now, and by any measure you might choose, even those that did exist were much less democratic than they are now.

Democracies are never born in a big bang sort of event. They evolve and are never done.

The institutions that provide the basis of democracy are really tools that allow a people to adapt and change, to experiment, even, as they try to find the best solution to their many problems. That's why the bin Laden's and the dictatorships of the world have no answers. They are adverse to change and adaptation.

Democracy, is a process - a process that must constantly be refined and refreshed. If you don't get it 100% right the first time, you will have the chance to fix it and modify it over and over.

The key is to create institutions that shape, drive, preserve and strengthen this kind of flexibility, and there are many good examples out there now for you to look to.

2:39 PM  

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