Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July

It is the Independence Day. A day represents the birth of a great nation. I esteem America forefathers who founded this nation. I keep on asking myself, why we don't have leaders like Washington or Jefferson. Leaders who did not cling on power and they believed deep in their hearts that democracy should be the only way to rule.

Now, after more than 200 years we are, the Iraqis, still lacking such kind of leaders. I wonder what the real reason is for this (phenomenon). Maybe, it is the Bedouin legacy which has so much influence on our way of thinking. I believe it needs lot of work and more than a generation to bring our nation into modern age.

Greetings to the American nation on this occasion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem for your people it that no leaders have been allowed to develop. Free thinking was forbidden! Perhaps your best hope at this time is that honest expats who have lived in freedom will be able to guide some of the process. They are more familiar with the "give and take" democracy requires. Our founders were awesome and I doubt if we could duplicate them in the present day. The Bill of Rights actually apply to all humanity, not just Americans. Hopefully some day they will be considered universal.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

You and ali from Free Iraqi have said the same thing. My thoughts are the same. Tribalism is the problem. Nationalism/pan arabism, or the attempt to unite only arabs into a nation, is another. The idea of nations that can exist in democracy requires the subjugation of all other identity to an idea, an idea that can one day be known as "Iraq" but is really embodied in the words "we the people" "all men are created equal", "common welfare" and "defense".

Defend that idea with your lives and you will succeed. without it you will always be displaced nationals living within artificial borders.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Kelly Dallas TX said...

The thing about our leaders is they were very strategic,, And were just honest about how easy it is for one to want more and more power.. So they took every step in assuring that no one person or group could hold all the power.. They had been there and done that ... It was all about saving the power for the people.. I think Iraq has also been there.. and done that too,,, I am positive that 25 years from now the names of Iraqi heros of freedom will be much clearer.

Iraqis great leaders are simply in the middle of becoming known.... . And your countries Birthday will be one for te world to toast..! Iraqi will set the expample for freedom for millions in the world today that would that would never have listened to the US or GB or any other free Demacracy.

1:38 AM  
Blogger BosqueBrawler said...

You seem like a Democratic Nationalist like Jefferson to me...actually, a lot of you Iraqi Bloggers seem to be.

It took America 11 years after the French and Indian wars for leaders like those to emerge...hopefully yall will get yours quicker.

8:31 AM  

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