Friday, August 19, 2005

Powers of Darkness

One of my acquaintances trades in toys. After the recent war his work flourished & he decided to import toys from China. One of the toys he ordered is a dancing boy. It is mainly some kind of mechanism which can be dressed any thing. The different dresses, and the characters they represent, are printed on the packet of each toy. One of the characters is Saddam (another is Bin Ladin). The guy, who imported the toy, was taken by surprise by four good looking young men paying him a quick visit at home. They asked him:

- Are you the one who imported the dancing toy?
- Yes, it's me.
- How dare you import a dancing Saddam toy?
- Wait a minute…wait a minute, who said that?
- We saw the toy at stores and when we asked, they led us to you.

He says "I couldn't stop the wave of fear which overwhelmed my mind & body, believing that they were going to kill me. I tried to collect myself and said:

- I'm ready to open the ware house where I store the toys immediately and you may search it for such a toy. Moreover, I'm ready to relinquish the whole consignment to you.
- No thanks, but we want you to wipe out the cartoon, represents (president) Saddam, printed on each packet. Otherwise you can imagine what will happen to you & family.

After this short conversation the four guys disappeared. So he hired several persons just to erase the cartoon. I asked him "Have you ever seen them before?" He replied "No I haven't".

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine brought me a leaflet distributed at the entrance of a mosque nearby his home. It contains a statement issued by a group calling itself (the media dept. of Al-Qaida organization in Mesopotamia). This organization is assumed to be led by Al-Zarqawee. The statement threatens everybody not to take part in the political process. It is a prolonged statement. In general it considers any kind of referendum, election, people representation, constitution…etc as an apostasy of Islam.

Who had distributed the statement? I asked my friend. He told me that someone had been standing at the main gate of the mosque without covering his face but no one ever had seen him before; he vanished within no time.

What I want to say is that the baathists is still moving in a very stealthy way. The intelligence services of Saddam's regime are still working underground, providing a logistic back up for any kind of work that keeps the situation in Iraq unsettled. Huge secret institutions, like Mukhabrat, which received very sophisticated training for 35 years, are not easy to be dismantled. They can be felt wandering among us but no one can point them out. The age of such institutions goes back even before the baathists reign which started in 1968. You may grasp an idea about the baathists way of ruling this country by reading a previous post of mine (
Rambling Post (5)):

Saddam worked hard on making contacts to gather as much as possible number of gangstas, and organizing them under his command. He managed to create a group of them, which was called (Hunain group), to represent the armed wing of the Baath party. The gangstas who refused to join Hunain group were killed in mysterious circumstances. One of those gangsta groups, which refused to obey Saddam, was (We'ild As'safra) which means (sons of the yellow woman). They had been killed publicly in a café at Ad'damyah district in Baghdad.

Going back to the time before seizing power in 1968, a baathist with a PHD narrates in a book he wrote examples of the methods used by the baathists to infiltrate into the government. The simplest example was when this man, Dr Jawad Hashim, appointed by the prime minister as a head of a committee to employ the high school graduates who did not manage to join college. It was a recession time in Iraq. The baathists moved and gave him restricted instructions about where to appoint the baathist youths. In this example they were employed at gas stations, especially close to important governmental agencies, to watch and report to the superior baathists.

Saddam's regime doesn't want to let go of power. For that it tries to make use of any ideology, group, movement, criminal, gangster, politician…etc. One of the steps which Saddam made, about five months before the war, was setting free the whole prisoners, regardless their crimes. This step provided a good pool of tools to implement criminal deeds taking place now in Iraq. Another underground activity of (Mukhabrat) is spreading rumors. You can read some examples in my previous post (

There are so many stories about this mafia called (Baath party)…


Blogger La Bona said...

How about clitting your own kids' toy ... Circumcision?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Lani said...

Circumcision? What the heck is that guy talking about? I just want to know how I could purchase a dancing Saddam toy (cartoon intact).

5:47 PM  
Blogger Pebble said...

Michael Yon talks about them under the title Enemy Forces here:
Michael's Blog

12:14 AM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...

Yep, I want one of those toys too.

No seriously, what happened to your friend is very scary. The Ba'athist mafia is certainly still operating in Iraq.

8:30 AM  

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