Monday, November 14, 2005

Terrorists hit in Amman

Terrorists hit another city on Wednesday 9th of November evening; the theater is three hotels in Amman-Jordan. The victims are more than 57 totally innocent people. The most tragic story is the death of 17 individuals of the same family. They were attending a wedding; a very plain, natural, human activity which would not harm any body. I can not understand what kind of motive could make a human being detonate a bomb among such group of people. I think that he/she must have a heart made of stone to be able to ignore joy & innocence in the eyes of children in the wedding.

A notable figure is one of the victims. Mustapha Akkad, the American film director of Syrian origin, and his daughter, Reem, have been killed in one of the explosions. Mr. Akkad became a famous person in the Arab & Islamic world after producing a film about the story of Islam, in 1976, which the regional film industry has not succeeded to produce a similar one. The film name is The Message, with two versions (Arabic & English), starring Anthony Quinn & Irene Papas in the English version. Years later, he produced another film about a Libyan revolutionist (Omar Mukhtar) who fought the Italian occupation of Libya. Globally, he is known for his film series (Halloween).

The Iraqi government, as I believe, started a campaign to make use of the unpleasant incident. Sadoon Ad'dulaimee, minister of defense, arrived in Amman. Muafak Al-Rubaee, national security adviser, arrived in Cairo. It seems that the Iraqi government is trying to take the opportunity to cut off the logistic backup the insurgents receive from neighboring countries.

Some Iraqis consider it a good shock to the Jordanians. A shock that would keep their feet on the ground, forces them to face the fact of what's going on in Iraq. The Arabs romanticize the events in Iraq by describing insurgents as patriots. An Arabic proverb says "The one whose hand in water is not like the one whose hand in fire", so the Iraqis want the Arabs to put their hands in fire and taste, what they call, the Iraqi resistance.

An Iraqi woman was detained after the crime, Sajida Mubarak, by the Jordanian security forces. The woman revealed that her brother was one of Saddam's secret service officers and later a major assistant of Al-Zarqauee. The man had been killed in April 2004 at Fallujah. This gives a good indication that the individuals, who claim being national resisters, are a bunch of former Baathists & Saddam's Mukhabrat. Zarqauee & Saddam's henchmen can not retreat or ask for forgiveness, since they are "lawfully expired", as I may say. These people are convinced that even if the Iraqi government issued collective pardon, their victims' families won't forgive them and will take revenge on them. And since death is their fate, they find it better to end their lives as martyrs (according to their point of view).

The problem is to prevent more people from joining the insurgents. Zarqauee & Saddam's followers are working hard to get more people, especially youth, involved in committing a crime which makes it not easy to turn back.

Finally, when the explosions took place, in Amman, I remembered the September 11th events. And once again I imagined myself on one of the planes hit the two towers or inside one of the towers. The question is "what have I done to be killed in such cruel way?" The same question goes for the whole similar crimes all over the world. Here in Iraq, the question is asked by tens of innocent victims daily.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good post sir. I hope this event will turn the "arab street" against terrorism. If there is any heart there, how can it not? They know Zarqawi is Jordain -- one of theirs. If imams would speak against terror, now would be the time!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is "what have I done to be killed in such cruel way?"
Iwould also pose the same question to the Americansd and British..What have the innocent Iraqis done that they are also murdered in the same way as those in Amman..Is there any difference?
All the same I beleive..

12:18 PM  

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