Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hitting Saddam's Record

During Saddam era lot of Iraqis were killed just to carry out Saddam's psychopathic desires. It is estimated more than 750,000 Iraqis were killed in the Iraqi-Iranian war (1980-1988). According to the official number, declared by Saddam's government, about one million Iraqis died because of blockade sanctions by the UN against Iraq (1990-2003). It is guesstimated that more than 250,000 Iraqi Kurds were killed during the 1980s through consecutive military campaigns, and a similar number as an outcome of invading Kuwait in 1990 & the Iraqi people's uprising against Saddam's regime in march 1991. Executing & mass graving opponents was an ordinary feature of Saddam's regime which increases the final number, of the Iraqis who lost their lives, to more than two million. Now, let's be on Saddam's side & decrease the number to one million. Dividing one million by 8659 days (the days Saddam ruled), the result is more than 115 persons per day.

Since 9 April 2003 the former regime secret services are trying to maintain the record but they couldn't. Members of the former intelligence service, republican guards, Saddam's personal guards, presidential Special Forces, & so forth are working under the cover of clerics using Al-Zarqawee as a façade.

I can estimate a number of (35-40) Iraqis, as an average, were killed daily since the invasion of Iraq. A special report published by the Guardian on July 20, 2005 refers to something similar. The question is 'What makes the situation a horrifying one more than that of Saddam's period?'

During Saddam's period, gangstas were organized under the control of Saddam's henchmen. Here is a quote from a previous post of mine (Rambling post 5):
"… Saddam worked hard on making contacts to gather as much as possible number of gangstas and organizing them under his command. He managed to create a group of them, which was called (Hunain group), to represent the armed wing of the Baath party. The gangstas who refused to join Hunain group were killed in mysterious circumstances. One of those gangsta groups, which refused to obey Saddam, was (We'ild As'safra) which means (sons of the yellow woman). They had been killed publicly in a café at Ad'damyah district in Baghdad."

Controlling these gangstas made the killing operations more organized. No media coverage was allowed, since there was no transparency in Iraq. Nowadays pressmen can tour the country freely and convey what's going on ground. 'Saddam's regime had no influence on people without media' is an idea said by Saddam himself, adding 'People must see their president picture everywhere'. So the previous regime is demonstrating its cruel atrocities publicly making use of free media and transparency.
Sacking the gangstas from work made them transfer their killings from hush-hush places to the public. Still, they couldn't maintain Saddam's record, but they broke it every now & then. One of these occasions was last Wednesday by hitting a score of killing more than 150 Iraqis


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