Friday, August 26, 2005

Step by Step

La Bona made a comment on my previous post which represents a point of view. His attitude is to prevent circumcision. For me, circumcision (of males) seems to be effective in reducing sexually transmitted diseases (STD). I don't have a concrete scientific proof, but observing the Iraqi society through its past history makes me accept the idea. The Iraqi society till fifty years ago followed very strict rules in separating between males & females. Nowadays it witnesses a regression toward those rules. As a result, sodomy has been dealt with as an accepted social feature.

Dr. Ali Wardi, an Iraqi sociologist, wrote about (sodomy in Iraqi towns) in his book titled (A Study in the Society of Iraq). He says:
"Sodomy was so spread during Ottoman era in Iraq. It could be ascribed to several factors. The most important are:
1- The education of alleys. Where kids acquire this concept as a way of showing off their mates.
2- Putting heavy veils on women. This results in homosexuality,especially between males, as compensation.
3- The traditions of the Ottoman's army (Inkisharee)."

The contemporary Iraqi society makes use of sodomy, since women and men are mixing nowadays in everyday activities. Intimate relations can not be avoided. These may develop into sexual ones. According to our conservative legacy, a woman must not lose her virginity before marriage. So, any unmarried couple who have sexual affair should pay attention not to remove the girl's hymen, since it proofs her virginity to the future husband (This is one aspect, of many, of hypocrisy in our society). And one can imagine the alternative.

What I want to focus on is that such wide spread of sodomy has not caused much spread of STD. As an unproven conclusion, it seems that circumcision has a great role in preventing the spread of STD. I hope that some of you have points of view with/against circumcision that will appear on the comments section. Maybe, a Jewish friend would like to add some thing about it, since circumcision is practiced in Judaism.

Now, let's refer to another issue. It is the urge of UN envoy in Iraq to the Iraqi government to desist from carrying out executions. I'm not sure whether the death penalty would deter more crimes or not, but it may help in calming the public. Our tribal legacy considers law & judicial system as the means of weak & coward people. During Saddam era, law completely lost its role in Iraq and it is so important to retrieve the public trust in it. It is not easy to control the people's emotions, especially of those who lost a family member by kidnapping, killing and rape. As a step toward this task, it is important to make people believe that the government will seek revenge for the murder of their relatives.

It seems that death penalty still exists in 64 countries, according to Amnesty International
. Here in Iraq, the humanitarian level outside prison, for criminals, is far below that inside prison. To be sentenced means to go to a better place. Moreover, prison became the most suitable place for the extremists to spread their ideologies. Preaching ordinary criminals is the most favorite issue for the imprisoned islamists. It is one of the major methods to recruit new members. As an example, Al-Zarqawee was recruited in prison by a man called Al-Maqdis'see. Zarqawee, mainly, was an ordinary gangsta at Al-Zarqa (a town in Jordan).

The above two issues, circumcision & death penalty, might be dealt with in a developed stable society by the public with much interest. The Iraqi society has so many issues of importance much more than these two. Our society needs lot of educational rehabilitation. The dominating issue of nowadays, the new constitution, reflects the amount of ignorance between Iraqis. Radio& TV programs ask the public about any note they have which help in writing a good constitution. Listening to what callers say, one can hear a caller asking to include the infrastructure reconstruction in the constitution items. A woman complains about not accepting her son's application to a governmental agency. Another person demands to establish a college in his town and so on. The most astonishing matter is a bunch of Iraqi women demonstrate against women's rights.

To jump or burn stages is illogical. But by determination on a continuous process of educational rehabilitation one might dream about a bunch of Iraqi women, in the future, demanding for animals' rights.


Anonymous PebblePie said...

Hymen reconstruction is a very popular surgery now a days in the middle east. IVT (imposed Virginity Testing), results in a license to kill.

As for male circumcision, I think it's a matter of choice by the parents and is mostly performed at least in America, for cosmetic reasons.

9:59 PM  
Blogger programmer craig said...

Hi Pebblepie - I think circumcision is traditional more than anything else, in the US. I recall reading a book (can't remember what the name of it was) that was a story of American prisoners of war in Germany during WWII. The germans assumed only Jews would be circumcised (this is one of the methods that they used to determine somebody was a Jew!) and had great difficulties with US servicemen, because circumcision is a very common practice in the US, amongst Christians.

There are aslo some health issues, I've seen some artcles written over the years about it.

9:53 PM  
Blogger La Bona said...

Circumcision was invented by the Egyptian to eliminate masturbation and later adopted by the Semites (allegedly started by Abraham)as a covenant with God ... That's right, from Mastrurbation to Holy Covenant!

Circumcision offers no benefit but only complications!

Preventing HIV/AIDS? We can't prevent itwith a jacket and you could do it without jacket? Is this a new scientific discovery?

Anyway, God enlightened he has ordred a jacket for us, it is called CONDOM!, Wear it, it's Kosher/Halal.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

circumcision hurts

12:31 PM  

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