Monday, January 30, 2006

Saddam’s Trial

Saddam’s trial is to hold its eighth session on Sunday 29 January. A new chief judge has been appointed after the resignation of the former (Rizgar Mohamed Ameen). Most of the Iraqis considered Mr. Ameen a weak judge through his way in managing the previous sessions.

The majority of Iraqis, including me, have never seen similar trials before. The most famous trial in Iraq is (The Court of People). It is publicly known as (Court of Mahdawee) after the name of Colonel Mahdawee head of the court. This court had been held between the years (1958-63) to try senior officials of the monarchical regime ruled Iraq before 1958. Through what I heard about (Mahdawee Court) and reading 22 volumes telling the events of that court, I can tell that it was some kind of a circus. I think it was a tool to absorb the public anger to protect the accused from being slaughtered by the mob.

To judge any matter one should have sufficient knowledge about it. For that, it is unfair to carp at Mr. Ameen for his conduct in running the courtroom. The man was very calm and understanding in listening to the whole sides. Such way of behavior is unfamiliar to the Iraqi society. One may pick randomly an Iraqi and ask him (What would you have done, if you were the judge to try Saddam?), and the immediate answer would be (I’ll hang him publicly).

I don’t agree with the perspective of executing Saddam. I believe that Saddam should be used as an illustrative example to educate the Iraqi society and Arab world to respect law, to learn lessons about their reality, and the kind of people were leading them & still leading in other Arab countries. The Iraqis have a very volatile memory. Executing Saddam will cause the Iraqis to forget all the atrocities they had witnessed during his era. Many Iraqis had role in those atrocities, as the regime’s tools, by a way or another. Nowadays, the same former regime’s tools are trying to practice the same role under new religious slogans. So, Saddam should be kept as a concrete evidence to show what the Iraqis could do to themselves, if the international community let them alone.

Moreover, executing Saddam may make him a martyr. I’m resuming writing this post while the court is in session. Saddam seems to believe, through his conduct in the court, that he is above law. He is so arrogant
and pompous. Still, he is the same person who can amuse the audience when he was in power.


Anonymous stehpinkeln said...

Put him in a cage and move it from city to town to village. Let him spend the same amount of time he spent as dictator in that cage being a subject of public ridicule. When that period is over, put him jail for the rest of his life, which won't be that much longer.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Leilouta said...

Why even bother!

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

The problem is that so long as he is alive, he will be sending out messages of encouragement to his supporters, who will go on killing people. A gang leader can always find ways to smuggle out mesages. I am against capital punishment in general, but there are some people who cause deaths just by existing. Possibly he could be imprisoned in Guantamo Bay.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, this trial is a complete joke.

The USA put Saddam in power for the war against Iran.

When Saddam stopped playing balls with the bushies, he then became a dictator far worst than hitler and Satan's right hand. He could also fly, launch fire balls, and being a mass supportive terrorist even if all these claims by the US government are puerile and not even prooved.

The iraq invasion by the united states caused more deaths than Saddam himself inflicted to those Kurdish villages who were allies of the Iranians at that time.

So as far as this goes, trialing Saddam is obnoxious and the Bush dynasty should be the one facing hanging and death penalty.

You people are ignorants and lousy. I hope you wake up before that monkey ruins your country.

And Frank is gay.

4:12 PM  

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