Friday, March 17, 2006


I feel too lazy. Unbelievable pain in my arm and shoulder kept me for the past days away from using the PC (as I wrote in the comment section of my last post). Moreover, the kind of events sequenced recently in Iraq, makes one feel unsettled & restless. The ghoul of a sectarian war is loitering about. One can hear different points of view and feel unseen hand spreading rumors.

My mind is filled with jumbled thoughts. I could not concentrate on one idea to write a new post. Imagine your self trying to cope with awkward circumstances. First is your everyday needs, each of them is a story. There is energy shortage (electricity, cooking gas, gasoline), and the shortage may include the grocery since there are continual cases of curfew which mean no vegetables or fruits; it means a dramatic price jumps.

Second, you can not stop worrying about every member of the family when he/she leaves home. Have they come across a car bomb or a suicidal lunatic? Are the kids safe at school? Is there any assassin touring the district to kill somebody? What about ordinary criminals who might steal any thing or kidnap anybody?

To leave home means to suspect every thing. Any car could be a bomb; any person with strange features could be a suicidal bomber; any heap of trash could hide a bomb; any queue or crowd could be attacked. You have to mind your language and don’t express yourself openly. You have to be aware of pickpockets, avoid any police, army, MNF patrol and VIP motorcades which could be lethal without forewarning.

In addition, a stream of news about acquaintances being killed, injured and detained keeps on coming daily. All the above put lot of stress on one’s mind. And what ever mental mechanism you develop to protect your sanity, sometimes you feel things go beyond expectations. I feel that I need any kind of recreation, but I do not know what kind and how.


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