Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Waitng For Godot

I was watching TV the other day. A Muslim cleric, participating in a discussion, said that he is not ready to take part in the political transition process unless the US administration shows its goodwill towards Iraqis and proves that its intentions in Iraq is for the sake of Iraqis only.
Well, most of the Iraqis think in the same way. They want the US to send American troops to kick Saddam out, rebuild Iraq, supply them with luxury…etc and, after all of those, beg the Iraqis' approval for the American policy. The majority of Iraqis imagine that they are the best race in the whole universe and other people should work hard to satisfy them. It is a perverted logic.
We should be practical creative people, not dreamers. The US did not send all these troops for the sake of our contentment. It is obvious that the Americans have their own interests. Now, it is our turn to adjust our interests to conform with theirs, since the Americans are ready to react positively. For the past 25 years we were, stand still, just waiting for something to happen. We were waiting for some body to save us from Saddam. We were waiting for Godot. But when Godot comes to help us, we are not ready, yet, for our salvation.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Why Ibn-Alrafidain?

It is of two aspects. First, why I'm making this blog. Second, why choosing this name (Ibn-Alrafidain). As for the first, I need to think loudly and share my thoughts with other people. I hope that I'll receive replies which make me interact with other people from all over the world. Interacting with others helps to broaden one's mind. I'd like other people outside Iraq to realize our sufferance, and those inside Iraq to think collectively, how to help our country to pass the bottleneck. Listening to other's points of view is the main factor in improving our conditions. I can say that most of the Iraqis are not ready to listen to criticism or advice, even when they are in real trouble. Moreover, they find it very difficult (or impossible) to admit their fault.

Secondly, I chose this name which means literally (The son of the two tributaries) since it refers to the land which is known, in the present time, as Iraq and Mesopotamia in the past. The two tributaries (rivers) are the Tigris and Euphrates. I feel deeply that I'm the son of this wonderful land.

I hope that I'll be able to maintain this blog and that you find it interesting.