Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thank You Jeff

I have stopped blogging for the past period since I felt that nobody visits my blog. What happened in the last month encouraged me to write again. A new American pen pal incited me to do so, though my phone line is out of order since last week. Thank you Jeff.

What jumps to my mind now is recalling a memory about what happened during the war:
Sometimes the bombardment becomes so close to our home that some window glasses break. It happened in our neighbor houses. My concern turns to keep the members of my family calm.
I have two nieces, 5 and 6 years old, whom I pay much attention. And to divert their attention away from the thundering bomb sounds, I start to create silly songs and games. On the other hand it helps me to discharge some of the tension I feel.Together, we start to sing and shout loud in a funny way. Sometimes it's just like an earthquake, you feel the floor shaking and after a little while you hear the sound of the explosion. It causes the windows to shake violently, which adds more fear. We gained experience in being aware that a very high sound is going to be heard, for example by a sudden shake of the curtains, or a very flashy light at darkness. Getting ready to hear the explosion is much better, at least to avoid heart attack.