Friday, July 02, 2004

Traditional Politicians

Yesterday, there was a program about Iraq on the BBC world TV of three parts. One Iraqi guest, Dr. Mohammed Jabar (I'm not sure of the name) raised a good question concerning those who keep on criticizing without introducing alternatives. Dr. Jabar was so close to what I think about people of this kind which I referred to in my (Waiting for Godot) note. These people keep on criticizing without offering another proposal. It is the way of traditional Iraqi politicians. Each of them wants his reputation not to be stained by working with the Americans. They consider themselves of more importance than Iraq. So let Iraq go to hell if helping Iraq will stain their reputation. I have the greatest respect for these people who confronted their duties and decided to help Iraq. These traditional politicians refused to attend the Iraqi national congress which is going to be held in July. Their excuse for that is 'the American occupation'. The question is (shouldn't we step forward to end this occupation?) We should gather and think collectively about it. Staying away waiting for the Americans to prepare every thing according to their interests is not the right choice.