Tuesday, April 26, 2005

War Memories

Since it is the 2nd anniversary, let me tell you some memories which go back two years, to those days of war. A time of total darkness, little water to drink, gunfire & explosions, total stoppage of any kind of communication & wrestling with the transistor radio to grasp any information…etc. Moreover, jetfighters & helicopters touring the sky, tanks wheels screeching at night add fear.

Times of sufferings make people feel closer to each other. We have been living in the district since 1962 & most of our neighbors have been here for the same time. So one can imagine how much memories we share. During nights of war, we used to gather, persons of different ages, in the street and chat till very late time.

It's nice to recall old memories. Recalling old memories shared together was one of the dominating subjects, especially funny events. Each one brings a chair with him; others sit on the ground, and after looting had spread a gun may be brought also. Everyone tells the others the latest news he gained, new ideas to deal with the problems arises in such circumstances. It was very normal that one of us suddenly runs away, because of fear, to take shelter from an approaching jet-fighter or missile voice.

Iraqis have been living constant fears of war since 1980. So one can imagine what kind of stress people here have been living under. And one is to be considered lucky to keep his/her sanity.


Blogger Kat said...

Very interesting post.

After September 11, many psychologists theorized that there was a mass wave of post traumatic stress which is brought on by singular extreme events or many stressful events over a long period of time.

They used a map starting with New york city and used varyng shades of red in radiating circles to show that those closest to the incident, even if they weren't there directly, but still watching it on TV even, would be the most affected and the ones living further and further out would be less so.

I wonder if you would say that the entire iraq nation was in the center of the "bulls eye" or target area or if people might have suffered this stress similar to the theory...those being closer to the seat of the regime (in demographic location) being most affected

5:27 AM  
Blogger Bryan Kerwick said...

I cam empathize with the Iraqi people you so eloquently speak of.

I also have much respect and admiration for those citizens who risk life and limb by joining the police force or the Iraqi military.

I am not so quick to understand the fear that overcomes people to act like sheep and not fight back. Some things in life, particularly freedom, are worth fighting and dying for. I am assuming that democracy is a novel idea not understood or appreciated by the huddled masses.

I was amazed at the sight of all those purple fingers at election time. I just assumed people actually got the whole freedeom and democracy thing.

If the Iraqi people were my fathers children they would know how to deal with the terrorists.

I was once a freightened little school boy afraid of what might happen to me because of the bullies in my class. I confided in my dad and thought it best to go to another school. My dad, God bless him, told me the only difference between a bully and a coward was that the bully hasn't been hit in the mouth yet. The Iraqi people are being bullied by these terrorist bastards. Quit being sheep and get pro active.

Find where these lowlifes are (the people know but are afraid to tell fearing reprisal) and let the military deal with them. They can't hurt you unless you give them safe haven by the fact that you will not identify them for fear of reprisal.

The US military has bigger fish to fry and as long as you give these terrorizing bastards safe haven, they nor us will ever leave.

Give up the whereabouts of these terrorists so they can be dealt with by the Iraqi troops and the US troops will be able to leave.

We still need to deal with Iran and Syria but can not do so until Iraq is stabilized. The Iraqi people deserve better. Give up those terrorist bastards living amongst you so we can kill them and leave.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try imagining life under the rule of saddam husseins two sons. Figure another 20 years of saddam being able to hold control then his sons for another 30 years. That is 50 years of brutality and mass murder compared to 2 years of war

2:46 PM  
Blogger betsy said...

There is no way I can possibly understand the horrific fear that must permeate your peoples. So much evil has gone on there for so many years. Yet, I wonder .. You say, "After the looting had spread, a gun may be bought also." My question is, why? Why did the Iraqi people LET such looting take place? We were told that the Iraqi people wanted freedom from Saddam. Then why not rejoice when it came and start helping us rebuild your own country? Why loot it and steal/ruin buildings and even schools, hospitals, the museum? WHY not help turn in the terrorists instead of cowering from them? They don't know who's giving out info. Why not use your guns on them? I've read about the kidnappings and threats, but why not shoot them when they come, then? If they thought they'd be met at the door with a gun, might that not change their attitude? If from the beginning everyone had pitched in, things would have been different. In part I should think you'd be so angry that once Saddam was captured, especially, you'd want everyone hindering your peace out of Iraq. This truly confuses many people here. I keep reading on Hammarobi that you know who and where the terrorists are. Any clarification would be helpful to our understanding of what's going on and why.

9:28 AM  

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